The role and classification of common hardware casing

Hardware bushings, usually used in building public rooms, are used to maintain pipes or iron rings for plumbing fixtures.

        Classification of hardware casing: rigid casing, flexible waterproof casing, steel pipe casing and iron casing, etc. Waterproof casing is also called wall casing, wall pipe. Flexible waterproof casing is generally suitable for structures that are subject to vibration or tight waterproofing requirements where the pipe passes through the wall. After the partial processing of the casing is completed, the outer wall of the casing is painted once (primer includes Zhangdan or cold base oil) .

        Waterproof hardware casing is divided into rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing. The two are mainly used in different centers. Flexible waterproof sleeves are mainly used in high-demand centers such as air defense walls and pools. Rigid waterproof sleeves are generally used in public rooms and other places where pipes need to pass through. Flexible waterproof casing is suitable for hardware pipe fittings for structures subject to vibration or tight waterproofing requirements where the pipeline passes through the wall. Ordinary consumer companies are manufactured according to the S312 and 02S404 specification atlas developed and designed by the Institute of Building Science.

        The wall where the flexible waterproof casing penetrates the wall should be replaced with a concrete wall if it is not concrete. The casing must be solidified in the wall at a time; flexible waterproof casing is generally used in construction, chemical industry, steel, tap water, sewage treatment, etc. unit. Rigid waterproof casing is a steel pipe with a wing ring (a ring made of steel plate is sleeved on the steel pipe), installed in the wall (mostly concrete wall), used for ordinary pipes to penetrate the wall, which is beneficial to the waterproof of the wall, and the flexible waterproof casing is in addition to The outer wing ring, the inner ring and the like, the flange inner wire, are sold as a complete set, or can be processed by yourself, for use in pipelines that require shock absorption, such as when the pipeline connected to the water pump penetrates the wall.

        Both flexible waterproof casing and rigid waterproof casing are hardware fittings used for pipes to pass through the walls of buildings subject to vibration or tight waterproofing requirements. They are commonly used in construction, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage disposal and other units. Rigid waterproof casing and flexible waterproof casing are intuitively different. They are different in appearance. There is a rubber water stop ring inside the flexible waterproof casing to avoid water leakage when used on the wall of a pool. Their device lengths are different. The standard length of flexible casing is 300mm and the standard length of rigid casing is 200mm, but they have one thing in common that they can be lengthened or shortened arbitrarily according to the needs of the construction.

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